New citizen Christian Javon Newton has been causing quite a stir lately – and now will he be the first Talossan in years to try to secede?  It's hard to say, but this young Maritiimi-Maxhestian has already hinted that he may surprise everyone with the creation of a new "Commonwealth of Talossa."
Even before he became a citizen, Newton was already pondering the founding of a micronation.  He posted on Wittenberg to ask, while a prospective, "Is it legal to have dual citizenship with another micronation?"  He suggested that it would resemble Puerto Rico's relationship with the United States: "So I can be the leader of a micronation, but I don't have to leave Talossa."
Newton was actually noted for his enthusiasm during the immigration process, repeatedly asking for someone to petition for his citizenship.  It was somewhat of a shock, then, when he renounced his citizenship on Saturday.  Newton admitted when pressed, however, that he was only renouncing because he was eager to create a new micronation. After Sir Cresti Siervicül explained to Newton that there was no longer a ban on micronational citizenship (thanks to Siervicül's own legislation, last October), Newton expressed relief and rescinded his renunciation. His decision to leave and his reason for staying indicated an intention to create a new micronation - perhaps even a "Commonwealth of Talossa," in the first attempted secession from the Kingdom since 2004/XXV.
Christian Newton, asked about his plans, replied that he wanted to make a new micronation "based off of Talossa," adding "Because ya'know, it's pretty cool."  At press time, it was still unclear if Newton was only looking to Talossa for inspiration, or otherwise.  When reached for comment, Seneschal Glüc da Dhi stated that the Government would not recognize any new micronation   formed   by   Newton,   and  when further asked what action the government might take, he said he didn't want to rule out the the option of blacklisting a "Commonwealth of Talossa," but saw no immediate reason for making such a decision.
If Newton does form a new micronation, it would not be the first time in recent years that a Talossan has openly founded a micronation, but it might be the first time that the Government would feel such direct pressure to respond with a decision.  Experts disagree on the nature of any danger posed by any new micronations that call themselves "Talossa," but either way, one thing is certain: it's an interesting time to be a Talossan.   B


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