The Vote of Confidence, long a major tool of opposition politics, has taken on an increasingly important role as the forty-sixth Cosa enters into its second clark amid the potential for uncertainty in how the opposition party and other MC's view the current government.
During the first Clark of the 46th Cosa, the entire body voted unanimously in stating that the current coalition government of MRPT, ZRT, and PRC, held the confidence of the Cosa. This vote made it possible for the government to continue. It was notable that the first opportunity the newly defeated RUMP party had to choose to vote against the VoC, it did not do so.
There has been much debate in Talossa in regards to the usage of the Vote of Confidence. Under the law, each Member of the Cosa (MC) must vote yes or no each time a vote is cast in any given Clark. Some citizens of Talossa, most notably outgoing ZRT leader Carlüs Xheraltescu, have argued that it is the job of an opposition in a parliamentary system to vote against the VoC. Others have argued the opposite position. As it currently stands, each MC must decide for his or her self - often following the leadership of the MC's party.
While the First Clark of the 46th Cosa resulted in a unanimous support by the Cosa in its confidence, there are potential issues looming that may result in a vote of no confidence by many members of the Cosa. One such issue is the government's apparent inability to keep an Attorney General in place. So far, in the span of one (cont'd on 6) (cont'd from 2) single Clark, plus a "call for bills" period, two Attorneys General have put in place. There currently exists untried leadership at the top of the Justice Ministry in the recently appointed Magniloqueu da Lhiun – a relative newcomer to Talossan politics..
What would be the consequences of a vote of no confidence? The most obvious consequence is that if enough MC's vote against the VoC – at least 101 seats – the current Cosa would by law be dissolved by the King and new elections would be called. The RUMP party, the largest and currently sole opposition party, has 96 seats in the Cosa.
By itself, the RUMP cannot force new elections, given it is short of a majority. However, it would take only one MC from any of the current coalition parties to vote against the VoC and the government would fall.
 When asked about the prospect of a sudden end to the current Government, Minister of Culture Dame Miestrâ Schivâ replied, "I would wonder where the votes would come from, because I can't see my ModRad colleagues or Colonel Carbonél putting themselves out of a job. The ZRT stands behind this government four-square."
The question remains, could this crash happen? Therein lies the inherent danger of a coalition government. If one of the parties to the coalition became dissatisfied with the current leadership (or the actions of a particular Ministry) there is nothing holding that party from remaining in the coalition and thereby bringing the entire government crashing down.  B


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