The Ziu recently took up the fourth Clark of the 46th Cosa after a month of recess, called by Seneschal Gluc da Dhi in response to a particularly rough period during the third clark. Several bills were hoppered during the two months it took to bring this Clark forward, making this a very full roster of potential laws.

The first bill, RZ17 – "The Not-So-Early Bird Still More or Less Catches the Worm Act," proposed by Maricopa Senator Munditenens Tresplet, seeks to revise the minimum age requirements for Talossan citizenship. In recent history, a few would-be and some actual citizens were able to gain citizenship despite not yet being of voting age. Senator Tresplet stated in his bill that “prospectives under the age of 13 may present a legal problem to the Minister of Immigration and our Government.” The bill received bipartisan support from RUMP MC Alexandreu Davinescu and from the newest Cosa party, the Liberal Congress.

Several bills were also introduced this term that seek to correct errors in el Lexhatx. In the first of these, Alexandreu Davinescu (MC-RUMP) proposed "The Minor Bar Correction Act" in response to a potential conflict that Cort pu Inalt Justice Dame Litz Cjantscheir might have faced as the Chancellor of the Royal Talossan Bar. The original language of the law stated that no member of the Cort would be allowed to serve in that capacity. That paragraph was struck from the statutes in the proposed bill and removed some language in reference to how citizens would be eligible to join the Bar. The bill also received the support and sponsorship of the two newest members of the Royal Talossan Bar, Attorney General Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun (MRPT) and Dr. Txec dal Nordselva (RUMP). MC Davinescu has also proposed RZ19 – "The Quick Fix to Elections Act," which seeks to restore the rotation of the provinces in Senatorial elections which was omitted from El Lexhatx. In response to third oversight in el Lexhatx, MC Luc da Schir (MRPT) proposed RZ22 – "The My Name is Benito Act." In drafting and passing el Lexhatx, the Ziu overlooked the fact that it had inadvertently renamed Benito province back to its previous name of Mussolini Province. MC da Schir seeks to reverse this and once again have his beloved province named Benito.

RZ20 – "The Talossan Monetary Policy Reform Act" was resubmitted after failing in the Senate in the third Clark. The major purpose of the bill is to lay out Talossa’s monetary policy and regulations regarding the minting of coins. After more discussion in the Hopper, it looks as if this particular bill has more of a shot in this cycle than in the last. Senator Mick Preston previously objected to the bill because he felt there was not enough discussion. He stated recently that he now supports the bill, although his support alone will not be enough to get the prospective law past the Senate.

Attorney General da Lhiun submitted two bills to the Clark – RZ23 and RZ24. In RZ23 – "The Validate the Documents Act," da Lhiun seeks to criminalize as a Class A misdemeanor any unauthorized usage of official seals of the Crown, Government, or any other official body. RZ24 – "The Less is More in Talossa (LimiT) Act" seeks to bar judges of the Magistrates Courts from holding any level of office in the Ministry of Justice. This bill received much commenting in the Hopper due to the limitations it seems to impose, potentially making it difficult to find experienced jurists, who would have to be willing to be restricted from some of the rest of the government.

The final bill of the fourth Clark is RZ25 – "The New Lawyeristic Timebomb Defusement Act," proposed by MC Sir Cresti Siervicul (RUMP) and co-sponsored by Senator Mick Preston (MM) and Dr. dal Nordelva (MC-RUMP). The bill seeks to make static the Wisconsin statutes that are incoporated into Talossan Law as opposed to the dynamic updating of the laws that occurs as the State of Wisconsin updates its own laws. From the point of passage onward and until the Ziu revisits this issue, the portions of el Lexhatx that consist of Wisconsin law will be frozen as they are read on June 1, 2014.

The Ziu has before it quite a full slate of bills, that continue to be debated and voted upon. The 4th Clark concludes on June 25th.


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