Artistic citizen Iason Bitxichë Taiwos has produced a mock-up of an idea for a Talossan comic book, after a suggestion by recent immigrant Renalt da Fhamul.  Fhamul had mentioned that she had been at a comic book store recently, when it struck her: "What about a Captain Talossa?" , adding "I'm hoping someone will help me with this as i can't draw or use any fancy drawing tools!"

Within a few hours, Taiwos had produced the first vision of a prospective Talossan superhero, patterned in Talossan red and green and accompanied by "Hamilton the Squirrel."  Taiwos also mentioned, "I actually wrote a script for a four or five page strip about this character (which Iusti [Canun] translated into Talossan for me), but I just haven't found the time or patience to sit down and try to draw it."

A host of delighted citizens flooded Taiwos with requests, asking that he immediately start work and speculating on what the hero's powers might be (beer seems to be a theme, somehow).  Many will await the first issue, eagerly, hoping that Taiwos finds the opportunity to create it.


  1. Capitan Talossa was introduced on Wittenberg in October 2012: http://talossa.proboards.com/thread/7507/talossan-comics-group-presents


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