As early as the Sixth Cosa, the dream of Talossan radio has been a formal part of our national heritage, thanks to a bill which mandated that existence of an official multimedia group ("RZT," or "Regipäts Televiziun"). And over the years, there have been some fantastic attempts by various individuals to become the voice of "audible Talossa."  These days, not only is there a new entrant, in the form of the new RT Radio, but archival work has unearthed some of our valuable auditory history.

For some months now, Gödafrïeu Válcadác’h has been doing a wonderful job as National Archivist, taking what had been a do-nothing sinecure and turning it into a serious effort to preserve some of our endangered past.  Observers have already noted his remarkable work in scanning and collating hundreds of pages of documents (some only previously seen by a handful of people), and he has once again outdone himself by producing back episodes of Kane Gruber's Radio Free Talossa and Viteu Marcianüs' Talossan News Project, as well as a Blue Wave Party political jingle of his own devising.  The restored audio tracks accompany a new address Válcadác’h made to the country on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the founding of the now-defunct Republic of Talossa.

Even as these old favorites are returning to our earbuds, RT Radio has burst onto the scene with new offerings.  The first episode of this effort was a  joint project of citizens Txosuè  Rôibeardescù, Sevastáin Pinátsch, and Lüc da Schir, and featured a musing audio-essay by Pinátsch, a round-up of the news by Rôibeardescù, and a political message from the MRPT.

The Pinátsch piece, an amusing meditation on the dedicated cultures of different chain coffee-shops, was recorded at a professional level, with excellent sound quality and a practicedly expressive voice.  It resembled nothing so much as one of the amusing shorts that sometimes accompany the American radio program The Moth (carried on WUWM 89.7 in the GTA). It was an impressive lead-in to Rôibeardescù's news service, which covered the current age debate and the introduction of two new features in Beric'ht Talossan.

The MRPT appears to be closely affiliated with the new venture, and at the moment is the only party entering this bold new realm of radio commercials.  They presented a clear and favorable message promoting their party, and if the broadcasts continue at some regular schedule, it seems as though it will become necessary for other parties to join the airwaves – or risk letting the MRPT have absolute dominance in an entire media.
With the continued success of Beric'ht Talossan, the emergence of the wonderful new RT Radio, and the recovery of some of our older media, we might be entering a new world of Talossan news.  Even more importantly, the continued activity throughout the realm has managed to avoid the traditional slump for several years now, helped by our adversarial political system and exciting new immigrants.  On every front and in every media, the future looks very bright for the Kingdom of Talossa.


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