The Senäts race in Vuode has already started to take shape in this election cycle, with the announcement of Éovart Grischun in early-May. A Talossan since 2009, Grischun is paving new ground in this election, not only being the first candidate to pay for an advertisement in Talossan media, but also being one of the few Senatorial candidates to ever declare their unequivocal support for opening up Péngöpäts for immigration. (Though, I might add, I'm not sure the penguins noticed.)

When asked what his top priorities would be if elected, he didn't hesitate a moment and answered that his first priority would be "Vuode and its citizens." He then added, quickly, "A cliché answer if you've ever heard one, huh?" He believes that Vuode hasn't had the greatest of luck with the votes of Senators reflecting the will of the people in the past, so if elected, he would change all that. Explaining this in detail, he recounts his own personal experiences with Vuode Senators of past, noting that one former Senator told him that "...he didn't care what my feelings and opinions were and that he would be voting the way he felt like voting." He says that it was an experience such as this that caused him to decide to run for the office over a year ago, to give the citizens of what he later calls the "best province with no real competition", a true representative of their wishes.

Grischun's next priority would be tackling the geographic catchment areas, which he calls "complete nonsense". To back up his claim of "nonsense", he points to the current non-US catchment area for Vuode, an area that includes Morocco, Tunisia, Japan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, among others. "Do you know how many people immigrate to Talossa from those regions?" he asks, "Very, very, very, very, very few." The lack of immigrants coming from these catchment areas, he asserts, is the reason for "Vuode's absolutely terrible activity". He compares the catchment areas of Vuode with other provinces, most notably Florencia which has no catchment areas outside the US, and unequivocally states that "This is not a fair system." He hopes to be able to work with his fellow Ziu members to find an fairer system for all the provinces.

In addition to the catchment areas, Grischun believes that another immigration issue in which there needs to be reform (besides Péngöpäts, of course) is the immigration/voting age, which he believes should be raised to 16. "Talossa has the lowest voting age in the world", he says, "and I feel we should bring our policy in line with other nations." He views the primary argument against raising the age as flawed, as if we would be missing out on "having a child prodigy in our pool of talent." Noting that Picasso was "drawing from age 7", and Mozart composed as the age of 5, he rhetorically asks if we should be allowing much younger children to immigrate, lest we miss out on a "Wunderkind in our midsts". He believes that our Kingdom's policy should "seek a sensible balance with such a sensitive issue." 

Grischun also believes that Senators should not be associated with party politics, going back to his earlier point that Senatorial representation should be about the people, not parties. If elected, he says he will strive to remain neutral, whist he "...[networks] across the entire political spectrum to ensure the very best for [his] province." 

When asked about his position on provincialhood for the great Antarctic territory, he responded, "Dude! Péngöpäts should totally be a province. Vuode has been the best province with no real competition for far too long. It would be wonderful for Vuode to finally have a foe in the same league." Indeed, it seems that "Vuode and its citizens" truly is the top priority for Grischun going into this election, even though he completely ignored the fact that Maricopa is a pretty cool province too, and certainly worthy of being considered competition. 


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