On June 20th, A Very Important Announcement was posted to Wittenberg. Tamorán dal Navâ (also known as Kane Gruber or simply Grubi), a prominent Talossan since 1998, announced that he would be resigning his duties in the College of Arms and as the Senior Justice of the Uppermost Côrt, due to his inability to remain active. "I love Talossa deeply and truly," he wrote, "and I sincerely wish I had the time and vigor to shift my focus back towards her, but...I simply cannot."

Reassuring all of us that he is not leaving the Kingdom due to disinterest, disease, or anger, he notes that he has simply been too absent as of late, writing that his "...thrill of being active in Talossa is no longer stronger than the pull of the rest of my life." Of course, he is not "leaving" the Kingdom in the sense that he is renouncing his citizenship, rather, he simply can no longer "maintain the façade of being fully present and active".

Dal Navâ also writes that, after recently turning 40, he is realizing that his appreciation for activities in his spare time as a "slightly older adult" is changing. "My fervor is no longer as loud," he notes, "even if it runs as deeply as ever."

The combination of his aging, along with his Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), he says, tends to end up "weighing harshly", noting that "...Talossa deserves the industry of her people as much as the faculty of her people." Unfortunately, he writes, "...I am finding myself less than able to provide that industry."

He hopes to, in the future, have both more free time and desire to return to being an active participant in the Kingdom. He also writes that this isn't a good-bye, but "an acknowledgment of what is by now apparent fact", noting that he will still pop-up occasionally and be engaged in some of our many discussions.

Summing up the feelings of many, if not all, Talossans, Dame Miestrâ Schivâ responded, "Grubi is a true hero of Talossa and, I want to point out, is doing this the right way - saying 'I have to be less active' rather than renouncing. Looking forward to your vote in the next Ziu elections..."


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