Dear Lupüc,

I am really glad that you have responded to my article. And here I thought nobody would read it! I, too, was initially attracted to the Kingdom because of Ár Glheþ, I even specifically looked for those who had their own language. Needless to say, Talossa was the #1 option for me. As for the pure learning course of Talossan; I cannot say much, but all of you can expect great things to come from some of our infamous Ladîntschen, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture!

Again, thank you for your letter and now, let’s talk linguistics, everybody: As you might have noticed, mutations are getting popular again, and with it, the question, where they came from and Celtic-style mutations fit into our Berber heritage.

Many of the participants in this debate, however, do not realise that the Berber languages have a kind of sound assimilation known as “mutations” to some scholars. These “mutations” do not work as Celtic mutations do, but they may be useful to calm those people down that seem to be upset about the seemingly whimsical existence of the mutations. Some examples of these changes:

The word “tamamit” (tamməmt, < imim = to be sugared), meaning “honey”, is pronounced [θæˈmːənt]. What we see here is the “m” assimilating with the hindpart of the circumfix -...- (t-...-t) to be pronounced like an [n].

The sentence "ad nmun" ("we leave together") is pronounced ˈmʊn], where we can see the assimilation process (d > n) occurring across word boundaries.

Going on to more elaborate changes, we have the word "yan n wass," ("one of day" = "one day"), which is pronounced as [jaˈwːasː], where following things are happening: n+w=w; and: n+(n+w)=w+(n+w).

Now bear with me here, we have this huge sentence that means “she lives alone”, which reads "tzdɣ ɣas nttat" in a Berber language. A possible pronunciation by speakers of Central Atlas Tamazight could be [dəzˌdəqːasənˈt͡sat].

As you can see, there are mutation-like forms in our ancestral language and there are many more. Maybe the brilliant minds of the CÚG can work something out with that! I, for one, really love the mutations.

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