Denver Colorado was the place to be on June 2 as four Talossans joined together in an informal TalossaFest West. His Majesty King John, Voude Senator Sir Trotxâ Betiñéir, Count Hooligan and Dr. Txec dal Nordselva joined together at Denver's historic Buckthorn Exchange to celebrate Talossa and enjoy some of the finest Talossan currency available on hand.

The event took place on the birthday of former king Ben, an ignominious coincidence that was discussed at length. King John recounted the events that led to the breakaway republican state and the involvement in the split of the former king. The king happily continued his narrative by expressing pleasure when the divided nation was finally able to unite during Reunision and how well Talossa has endured since the departure of its founder and first king. His Majesty stated "Ben never expected Talossa to survive when he left. He really couldn't conceive of a Talossa without him."

Other topics that were discussed at length were the current vibrancy of Talossan politics (much of this occurred while the king was not at the table to preserve the kings apolitical role in the government). Count Hooligan offered a Talossan toast to honor all the Talossans, past and present, who have helped shape the political landscape and make the nation a "very interesting place," in the words of the Count himself.

All four Talossans present at this unique gathering were members of the Royal College of Arms, and in exceptional Talossan style, a lively discussion took place among the three heralds and one pursuivant concerning the nature of our colorful and majestic armorial and the recent knighting of Berichts editor, Sir Alèxandreu Davinescu. The king remarked that he "couldn't believe it took him eight years to honor him (Sir Alèxandreu Davinescu)." Count Hooligan then discussed the recent elevation of the Kingsbridge Pursuivant and his hope that more Talossans would join in this historic endeavor of creating arms for as many citizens as would wish. Sir Trotxâ remarked on the truly Talossan coolness that allows all citizens to hold and bear arms, unlike nearly every other country on earth.

The evening concluded with discussions ranging from the Talossan language, Shakespeare, literature and the desire to translate more of it into Talossan. King John remarked that "as we translate literature, we find more and more words we don't know how to say, and this keeps the language growing and alive." While this event was not an official TalossaFest, it certainly had the feel and appearance of what happens when Talossans gather in the fascinating dimensions that only Talossans can bring.


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