Talossan is a wonderful language. Ár glheþ is quirky, interesting, irregular and naturalistic. Every citizen of Talossa, in my opinion, should know at least a bit of el bel glheþ. But learning Talossan to fluency is a bit of a challenge. Of course, Talossan is a Romance language, so for me, for example, a fluent speaker of French and Spanish, learning it shouldn’t be a problem.

Why would one actually want to learn Talossan? I mean, it’s not like el glheþ is widely spoken by many people.

As a proud Erteier, I value our culture and it’s most extensive part, our language. I immigrated to Talossa not long ago, and I was initially attracted to the Kingdom because of ár glheþ! The main reasons why I want to learn Talossan is because it represents the core of what it is to be Talossan, and because it’s actually challenging! I’m not going to say it’s easy, it clearly isn’t! Sure, knowing a Romance language does help a bit, but el glheþ is such a melting pot of different language sources that even the knowledge of French wouldn't help you much. I prefer having to work to learn a language, because after I do, I feel like I actually achieved something, and you could too, if you would learn ár glheþ!

But a wise uma might say: “But I already tried learning Talossan! I used the dictionary, the grammar book, and even the talossan.com site! I just can’t really get any further than Azul, va nhum isch Xhorxh.” Yes, Talossan, sadly, doesn’t have many purely learning resources out there. Sure, there was a course in l’Üniversità da Talossa, but it from 2010, and the 2012 one isn’t complete.  I believe what is deterring us, the citizens of Talossa, from learning our language is the fact that there are not enough resources or courses out there designed to actually make us use the language other than in official circumstances.

What I want is to use ár glheþ as any other language should be used: to speak to people, to tell jokes, to use interesting idioms, to have fun, to work, to read Talossan literature, to write to others, to tell others that I speak this weird language, basically, to feel Talossan!

This is why I think that the Ministry of Culture should make it its top priority to make comprehensible, complete “Everyday Talossan” courses, or at least make it easier for Talossans to learn our language. I believe that it should also promote the use of ár glheþ in more and more circumstances and in less formal situations.

Finally, what I would like is to ‘Estetz Talossan’, and for that I need to ‘Parletz Talossan’!

Lupulüc da Fhöglha


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