For some time now, TalossaWiki has been the source of kingdom information for not only the history of Talossa but also a repository for its laws (El Lexhatx) and constitution (the Organic Law). Ownership of the wiki and entries within it has been the source of much discussion and even legal action in the Magistrates Courts when former citizen Viteu Marcianüs sued wiki manager Alexandreu Davinescu over who controls it and who has the right to modify it. That case was subsequently dismissed (in the interest of full disclosure, the author of this article is also the Magistrate in the case).

Recently, Talossawiki took an idiomatic nose-dive when it crashed. All users and readers were presented with error messages that created a stir and some not unjustified hand-wringing on Wittenberg. Sevastáin Pinátsch was the first to report on Wittenberg that, “the wiki has gone wonky again.” Sir Alexandreu Davinescu, one of the wiki administrators, laterreported, “As best I can tell, the long-dreaded and long-avoided full upgrade might be our only solution.”
What exactly happened, and what are the plans for the future of this life-blood of Talossan information? According to those in the know, the server where the wiki resides was upgraded, causing major issues with the programming languages behind the site. Once a temporary solution was in place, this caused many of the pages to load awkwardly and images to appear enormous in relation to the webpages. At the time of the problem, the situation was forwarded to then-Minister of Stuff Lüc da Schir (now Seneschal of Talossa) as, according to Davinescu, “Danihel [Teziun] has forwarded me some information and possible plans for action, but they're out of my purview as manager. I have forwarded the question to the Minister of Stuff, Lüc da Schir, so he can make the important decisions.”

Berich’t contacted Danihel Teziun for comment but was unable to reach him. The current Minister of Stuff, Sevastáin Pinátsch, provided Berich’t with information as to what exactly happened and what the government plans to do in the future. Minister Pinátsch stated “a new software update to our web host's operating system was incompatible with the old version of wiki software we were running.” He went on to state that such occurrences are expected and routine, but that in this case, it simply created huge glitches in the wiki. When asked about government plans for the future of the wiki, the Minister replied that he would like to see it “grow beyond its origin as an encyclopedia.” He referenced the ability of the wiki to serve as a document management system and that “the wiki would be ideal to create complex policy documents or rewrite a constitution.” Minor issues such as outdated skins and odd snippets of text and issues with the fonts and colors of the pages still persisted until a few days ago. However, it appears as if the wiki is as close to normal as possible. It is hoped by wiki administrators that users will not experience significant problems for the foreseeable future.


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