The Secretary of State seated the Ziu and posted final results for the election on Saturday, in response to a court order. The order came from Magistrate Dr. Txec dal Nordselva in response to a suit by Senator Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN. Schivâ's suit, which received swift response and rapid adjudication, asked for the court to declare that the Electoral Commission had certified the election, as well as asking the court to require the Secretary of State finalize matters in response.
The court order declined to declare the Electoral
Commission's work completed, although the Magistrate did note that the single disputed ballot which remained, that of underaged citizen Cresti Newton, would not change the outcome. Accordingly, Magistrate dal Nordselva 1) issued an injunction to the Chancery only to finalize the election, leaving the opportunity open for the disputed ballot to be resolved by the members of the Commission.
The Magistrate commented unequivocally that the disputed ballot should have been marked invalid by all the members of the Commission, and that the lone dissenter, Justice Cjantscheir, had been correct to discard the vote of a 13-year-old.

The only point of contention during the proceedings came when the Chancery requested that the order be stayed, so that the Commission could possibly resolve the matter among themselves and agree on a single outcome. This request was denied, however, with Schivâ arguing that a further stay would cause pressing harm to the nation. The danger, she said, lay in "a log-jam in the legislative branch of government - by holding them up over an irrelevant technical point without issue. I suggest that this pressing harm will be added to by setting a precedent that the democratic will of the people can be held up from being put into action by legal technicalities with no bearing on the outcome being discussed." There has been little change in the Ziu from the ruling. Both the Cosa and Senats continued their prior business, as the former assigned seats and the latter elected a leader. The prior Cosa seat distributions would be honoured and would not need to be repeated, the Secretary of State announced. Legislation, already in the Hopper, continues to be debated and changed.

With the election now officially concluded and results posted, it is unknown what the status of the Electoral Commission might be. There seems little incentive for it to continue and bother to come to an agreement on the only point of contention, with the Ziu now seated, but members might not wish to set the precedent that their full certification is actually irrelevant. Time may show progress, though, with Magistrate Edwards, a member of the Commission, offering to revisit his own decision on the disputed ballot.


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