The country's leading newspaper, Beric'ht Talossan, has seen remarkable advances lately (full disclosure: you're reading it now). Not only has the paper become the first registered corporation in Talossan history, as well as the first official "Supporter of Talossa," but it has also become the first Talossan business to pay its employees.
Not long after the incorporation law was passed in the last term, two companies pressed for legal recognition. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Finance misplaced the applications, and only Beric'ht Talossan continued the process. After registering, the company also became the first to lodge official articles of incorporation with the government, instituting a legally binding system of management and permitting Beric'ht to offer its stock for sale. The articles of incorporation indicate that a majority of shareholders shall choose the chief executive officer of the company, which allows for the possibility for a potential change of leadership in the paper, should shareholders become unhappy with the current officer. At this time, though, no public offering is planned, and all stock still resides with the founder and current editor.

Beric'ht helped define financial news another way, as well, by officially paying out dividends to eligible contributors this past week. Long-time contributors Dr. Txec dal Nordselva, C. Carlüs Xheraltescù, Ma la Mha, and Sir Alexandreu Davinescu joined with former contributor Munditenens Tresplet all received a small payment, representing the paper's profit for an arbitrarily-defined financial year. This profit came on top of the considerable fee required for Beric'ht to pay for registration as an official "Supporter of Talossa," and was wholly derived from advertising revenue.

At this time, these notable advances in the country's financial sector seem to be little more than gimmicks in many ways. But they speak to larger developments in Talossa. With a growing population that is capable of beginning to support a newspaper, as well as advertisers seeking an audience, Talossan media reflects the swelling new scale of modern Talossa. Further, the Supporter of Talossa program is an example of the voluntary contributions that the current Government has indicated will be their preferred path to financial success. It is entirely possible that a push from the current administration will grow the ranks of Supporters of Talossa, making Beric'ht only the first of many to donate to the future of the country.

Lastly, it is not impossible that a small local financial market might develop. The existence of binding legal documents which permit the assurance of certified issuance of stock and its transfer is the first ground-work in such a market. And because Beric'ht has indicated that it might begin to disburse stock as a reward to contributors, it might not be too long before we see the first sale of stock - or even the first hostile takeover!
For now, these are small first steps, breaking new ground in a financial future. But it's impossible to say what the future might hold, now that money is playing a bigger role than ever in the Kingdom ofTalossa.


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