Classic rock band Fleetwood Mac will be performing at the Bradley Center (just across the River from Fiova Province) on 12 February 2015. The band is best known to Talossans for its song “Tusk”, which formerly served as our national anthem. “Tusk” was the national anthem of Talossa from the date of independence (26 December 1 979/I) to 11 January 1 980/I, and again from 11 February to 1 9 October 1 980/i. In recognition of this fact, 1 8RC28, The Fleetwood Mac Act (1 994), declared Fleetwood Mac’s Greatest Hits (which includes “Tusk”) to be the Official Compact Disc of the Kingdom of Talossa. This is still part of the law of our Kingdom, at Lexhatx F.21. On the following Clark, 1 8RC40, The Tusk Amendment, amended the 1988 Constituziun to give “Tusk” a new status as “official national song” of Talossa. “Tusk” is still recognized as a “patriotic song” by Article II, Section 9 of the Organic Law.


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