Milwaukee Alderman Nik Kovac recently made a statement during a television interview that caught the attention of political fact-checking website Politifact.com. Speaking in support of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s plan to give general city employees a 3.9% raise, Kovac argued that the raise was fair because police and firefighters “are routinely getting four percent raises annually while everybody else is either getting a zero or one percent raise.” Reviewing data for 201 0 through 201 4, Politifact found that police and firefighters received a 3.5-4.3% raise in only one year, and less than one percent or nothing in the other years (though contract negotiations are still ongoing for 201 3 and 201 4. Politifact rated Kovac’s claim “false”. Kovac responded that he was speaking off the cuff, and should not have said “routinely” or “annually”. Kovac is a former Talossan citizen, and represents Milwaukee’s 3rd district, which includes all of Atatürk, Benito, Vuode, and Florencia provinces, and most of Maricopa.


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