In this space, I've already spoken of the issues around blacklisting micronations, and the exaggerated threat that makes this seem necessary. But let’s suppose that we can put the issue of blacklisting (and whitelisting) to bed for now, if only to make progress in the topic easier. The private involvement of a citizen in a micronation, and whether it is the business of the Talossan government to determine whether this is right or wrong is a (very interesting) debate for another time. If you’re interested then you can always look back at past BT issues to see my views on the issue.

For discussion now, however, is the concern of engaging with notional nations and Talossa-like entities. How should we deal with these entities? Do we dignify diplomatic inquiries with a response if and when they come? Should we adopt an attitude of aloof superiority as we (I'm)politely ignore their interest?

Sure, there are no liberties or important freedoms at risk here, but I will cautiously accept that there are other good things that we ought to pursue in a society other than liberty. In fact, there are a plurality of good things we ought to pursue in Talossa, one of which we implicitly accept already: diversity. We accept people from all walks of life, from nations afar, from all kinds of weird and wonderful religions. We are a nation that prizes diversity, so why are we so worried about talking to people with similar interests who aren’t Talossans?

It certainly makes no sense to me. If anything, inviting folks to spend some time on a sort of landing pier for foreign visitors is hardly going to hurt us because of course we don’t need to let a single bathtub nation near us. The point is, we can be selective. If a Foreign Minister starts inviting hordes of young ambassadors from the Kingdoms of Kidville, Childphalia, and Infantia who want to declare war against each other and the rest of the world, then so be it. We should probably sack that kind of Minister though.

Conversely, if we end up having a really fruitful relationship with a sensible, Talossa-like nation of folks who share many of our goals and yet have a new and interesting take on the world, or who have slightly different ways of doing things that we could learn from then I don’t see why we shouldn’t at least try. Hell, if we have a Foreign Minister who can do that then he deserves a knighthood or something. Talking about this makes me think I’m in the wrong department, because I think there’s a chance here for us to reclaim our intermicronational position in the world and once more be that outward-looking paragon of friendliness and creativity that we once were to that community.

Honestly, what do we have to lose? Our good name won’t be tarnished so long as we are sensible in our interactions. I trust the politicians of our great nation to be thus, and I would encourage you to do the same. Since we’re a functioning democracy, you can always vote a party out of government if they screw up too much, or indeed you could just vote for an inward looking isolationist in the first place. I’d recommend you don’t do the latter though – that’s just boring.


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