The second Clark of the 47th Cosa is completed, and it has been quite a busy voting session. The Clark contains no less than 10 bills, three of them being constitutional amendments, reforming everything from the makeup of the Cabinet to cultural observances. The nation now has an official arena football team (or "soccer," as it is known in the GTA) as well as a reformed process for the Electoral Commission. Most bills passed easily. At the time of this writing, though, there were three bills that seemed to be failing: RZ3, "The Wittenberg Pre-Privatization Act;" RZ1 0, "THE ORGANIC LAW AMENDMENT (SECRETARY OF STATE PROTECTION) BILL;" and RZ11, "THE SECRETARY OF STATE PROTECTION BILL." The capitalization of the latter two bills is given here as it appears in the original.

RZ3, authored by Secretary of State Marti-Pair Furxheir, sought to allow the Secretary of State to explore options on privatizing Wittenberg. The bill received support from the ZRT and the PC parties (a few other scattered yes votes), but has primarily been opposed by MRPT, the LIB’s and the PP. The bill, as written, would have had no immediate effect on Wittenberg, as it is intended as an exploration rather than a true reform, but it nonetheless made a number of members of the Ziu uncomfortable. The Minister of Stuff stated that he viewed this as his own prerogative.

The other two bills that struggled for affirmation were both written by Fiovan senator Miestrâ Schivâ. They were reforms in the Chancery, cast as efforts to protect the Secretary of State from politicization. With respect to the second, it found success in the Cosa, but failed in the Senats--prompting confrontation and discussion about the nature of that body when at least one senator revealed that he was leaning in favor of the bill but had taken his consituent's wishes into account.

It is uncertain whether or not the failed bills will be reintroduced, although this seems likely.


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