The Regipäts is a nation of immigrants, and so immigration is vital to our national health and growth. There has been a recent surge in the number of petitioners seeking citizenship in the Kingdom. A quick look at Wittenberg will reveal that the vast majority of “recent posts” at this point in time are taken up with introduction threads.

Beric'ht reached out to Interior Minister C. Carlus Xheraltescu, as part of its ongoing series on the topic of immigration, to get his thoughts on immigration. We were interested to find out how the Ministry of Immigration is working out now that it has been absorbed via Prime Dictate (and likely via statute) into the Interior Ministry. Minister Xheraltescu replied, “The immigration ministry is working exceptionally well as part of the Interior Ministry, and the advice and help of my Deputy has been invaluable in the last few weeks.” Xheraltescu went on to state that it is not the current policy of the Interior Ministry to interfere with the workings of the New Citizens Committee, the organization tasked with assisting prospective citizens through the statutory two-week induction period.

Concern has been periodically raised that a big number of prospective citizens disappear from sight either before or, as has been the case recently, after receiving a grant of citizenship. Minister Xheraltescu expressed deep concern over this situation, believing, in his own words, “ I do not believe that we need to attract more citizens than we already do - the problem we should be looking at is that many prospectives do not make it to the petitioning phase.” It is hoped that the tight integration of the Immigration Ministry into the Interior Ministry will be a factor in lessening this issue.


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