On Llimbaziua, the 12th of December, la Comità per l'Útzil del Glheþ (CÚG) approved a new Arestada for the Talossan language. The President of the CÚG, Sir Iustì Canun, announced the 2014 Arestada on Wittenberg on the 14th.

Arestadas (Talossan for "decrees") are official recommendations of the CÚG regarding the grammar and usage of the language. The cornerstone of the 2014 Arestada is a simplified Default Stress Rule, which is the rule that determines which syllable in a word is stressed in speech, and whether the stressed syllable requires a stressmark. Other resolutions in the Arestada clarify the rulings of previous Arestadas regarding the language's system of consonant mutations, and provide additional guidance on a variety of pronunciation and orthography issues.

Former CÚG President Ma la Mha, Count of Thord and Baron of Hooligan, hopes to publish a revised edition of El Gid Compläts àl Glheþ Talossan within the next few weeks. The new edition will incorporate the most recent Arestadas of the CÚG, as well as other developments in the usage and academic study of the language. Lord Hooligan's Gid Compläts is the most comprehensive grammar of Talossan ever published, and is an indispensable resource for the serious scholar of the language.

In other language news, the Büreu del Glhetg of the Ministry ofCulture plans to release, on or near Independence Day, the first of a new series of educational resources for the beginning Talossan student. At first, these will include digital flashcards of basic vocabulary and a brief grammatical supplement to the Prüms Päçen in Ladintsch handout released this summer. Separately, noting that this Llimbaziua begins the 35th year of the Talossan language and next Llimbaziua (12 December 2015/XXXVI) will be the 35th anniversary of its first use, the Büreu challenged the CÚG to work with the Ministry of Culture to use the intervening year to create a Plan del Vinveniu per el Glheþ Talossan, or Five-Year Plan for the Talossan Language. Such a plan would define goals for where the community of Ladintschen would like the language to be by Llimbaziua 2020. Initial goals suggested by the Ladintsch Naziunal for discussion purposes include a Talossan-language version of TalossaWiki, a Talossan-language Wikipedia, and a regularly-published Talossan-language periodical.


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