It has been a successful first year for Beric'ht Talossan, the country's premier media property, and we would like to thank all of our subscribers for their patronage. Far too many newspapers and radio shows have begun with high hopes before decaying into obsolescence, and the only things that have saved Beric'ht from that fate have been the dedication of its amazing contributors and the support of our audience. We hope to reward both of these groups with exciting new offerings in the coming year.

Two regular contributors, Sir C. M. Siervicül and C. Carlüs Xheraltescù, have made plans to release books soon. Siervicül's will feature a compilation of his "Great Moments in Pre-Talossan History" columns, supplemented by additional chapters in the same vein, while Xheraltescù will collect his "A Liberal Perspective" columns into a single revised text. At least one of the paper's anonymous cartoonists will also be putting together a compilation with commentary, giving readers a chance to see the controversial drawings that have helped make Beric'ht so successful. All three books will be released under a Beric'ht Talossan imprint, as yet unnamed, and plans are being formed to purchase a block of ISBNs to officially register the publications.

There have been several changes to the Beric'ht Talossan staff over the past year. What began as a group of three has swelled to a total of nine contributors these days, with the latest edition being cub reporter Françal Ian Lux. We've also had to let several contributors go, but the winnowing process has left us with a team of the best writers and cartoonists in the country, bar none.

In the future, we would like to begin more regularly maintaining our online archive, which we hope to feature as a supplement to our primary print edition. We would also like to begin offering a biweekly podcast of our stories, recorded and sent out to everyone who would like their Beric'ht a little more portable. But whatever happens, we'll continue to offer our same solid coverage, every fortnight. You can count on it.


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