Since the conclusion of the last RUMP-led government in the 45th Cosa, the new government of both the 46th and the 47th Cosa have made it a priority of their government programs to create a new more centralized website for the kingdom. The 46th Cosa ended early due to a failed Vote of Confidence and the priority was swept aside with fresh elections. Upon naming his Cabinet in the 47th Cosa, Seneschal Luc da Schir has made it a priority of the current coalition to again forge ahead with a new national online presence.

Minister of Stuff, Sevastáin Pinátsch, seemingly one of the few government ministers keeping the electorate regularly apprised of his progress with his portfolio, has made regular announcements as to the progress of the new site. Berich't reached out to the Minister to ascertain how things are going. Minister Pinátsch stated, "the site is already designed and the transfer of content pages and media files is underway.” He further indicated that the site could go live at any time, but that he was concerned about "bots and public traffic in a state of partial completion."

When asked if the government had acquired or planned to acquire server space, Pinátsch replied that the government had no plans for servers or hosting were in the works as the new site resides in the same space as the well-used Wiki. No national funds have been expended and with the exception of the time and energy of the Minister himself, according to Pinátsch, "no volunteers with the necessary skill have come forward to assist for the planned Phase III.” It is unclear precisely what Phase I or Phase II are, based upon the comments from the Minister. However, the most recent public update from the Minister reflects an urgent request for volunteers.


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