Beric'ht Auscultaval, the new podcast from Beric'ht Talossan, launched this past week with a major bang, thanks in part to His  Majesty King John.  The King graciously agreed to be interviewed by host Txosuè Rôibeardescù (formerly of RT Radio), and among the many topics the pair discussed were politics in Talossa, hobbies, and the language.

The interview segment followed the news segment read by the podcast's other host, Riley Miller, a relatively new citizen whose enthusiasm has made him an already valuable part of the country.  Miller's news stories, from the previous week's issues, mark him and the podcast as the only source of audible Talossan currently in production.
Miller and Rôibeardescù are assisted by an announcer, Erschéveþ Alveu, who is not a Talossan but is especially long-suffering.

The podcast is planned to repeat every two weeks with new news and a new guest, and represents a new expansion by Beric'ht Talossan, already the country's primary source of news.  It is currently hosted on SoundCloud, after briefly being available through Google Drive, but is seeking a more suitable host that will allow it to plan for the long term and to be featured on iTunes and other podcast sources.  In the week since it became available, the first episode has already been listened to more than two dozen times. 


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