Beric'ht Talossan is undergoing some major changes in the coming weeks.  Three new staff members are joining the team: former Seneschal Glüc da Dhi has joined the reporting staff, while Riley Miller and Txosuè Rôibeardescù have entered the exciting project of launching a Beric'ht Talossan podcast.  Further, current reporter Françal Ian Lux will be shifting to the role of webmaster, to revive and bring up to date the online archive of stories at http://berichttalossan.blogger.com/.

In another change, in the interest of promoting one of Talossa’s greatest national treasures, el Glheþ Talossan, and in order to emphasize our distinctly Talossan nature, Beric’ht Talossan has decided to begin using el glheþ whenever clarity allows.  This is reflected in our lead story, and joins with various personal issues to explain the sparsity of reporting in this week's issue, as journalists get used to some new standards.  The paper is relying heavily on our own Ma la Mha, Lord Hooligan's Ün Guizua Compläts àl Glheþ Talossan, considered the definitive modern guide to el glheþ.  The most immediate change will be a preference for Talossan terms for official offices and titles, as well as an adoption of various small Talossanities, such as replacing the English abbreviation "cont'd" with the Talossan "con:t."

The podcast has been a long-planned project for the paper, and it is a considerable coup for Beric'ht to get the services of RT Radio founder Rôibeardescù, who will be doing an interview show to follow Miller's news segments.  Likewise, an online archive has been long-lacking for the paper, since the original planned site has languished without updates as the backlog kept growing.  The podcast will begin in a week, at a location to be announced on Wittenberg, while the online archive will remain at its original location. 


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