Recently Beric’ht Talossan sponsored Senatorial Debates in the provinces of Maritiimi-Maxhestic, Vuode. Both debates garnered national attention as citizens of those provinces as well as citizens from other provinces eagerly followed the what was perhaps one of the best organized debates during a General Election. In Marittiimi-Maxhestic, the fierce debate between Captain Sir Mick Preston (incumbent) and his opponent, Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun, the outgoing Attorney General generated a wonderful discussion on issues pertaining to both the province and the Regipäts at large while the debates in Vuode between Sir Trotxâ Betiñéir (incumbent) and Éovart Grischun (Premier of Vuode) were more subdued but almost as equally intense raged simultaneously.

The Vuode debates started slowly with both candidates initially introducing themselves with background information as well as their histories of service to Vuode and Talossa. Grishun discussed his initial misplacement as a Vuodean while Betiñéir expounded on how he came to be a Senator and pointed out some of his political ideologies. When presented with the question, posed by the editor of Beric’ht, Sir Alexandreu Davinescu, “what is key issue for you - what will be a specific issue you will be fighting for (or fighting against) if you are elected?” Sir Trotxâ responded that immigration and election fraud were his two primary concerns. His specific concerns in regards to immigration were the “applicant fail rate” and his belief in a citizenship test. S:reu Grischun responded to the same question by stating, “I do not think it is up to our Senators to think up grand ideas or undertake gargantuan projects in the kingdom.” He went on to state he agreed with the statements by Sir Trotxâ and his intent to revise the catchment areas as he “believe(s) the primary reason for Vuode’s absolutely terrible activity levels” is in direct correlation to the design of the catchment areas.

One particularly stinging point in the Vuode debates came when Sir Trotxâ asked S:reu Grischun his opinions on the outgoing government. S:reu Grischun replied in a stinging rebuke of the outgoing government that “it lived up to the low expectations I had of it from the start.” In particular, his evaluation of the Attorney General, Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun, in which he opined as to how ill informed he believed the current AG to be in regards to the laws of the Regipäts sparked debate outside Vuode. The debate ended with some mild levity from S:reu Grischun. Overall, outside observers felt the debate was well run and informative to the voters.
Over in Marittiimi-Maxhestic, the debates were not nearly

as mild as those in Vuode. Captain Sir Mick Preston and his opponent, S:reu Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun are both fiery public figures and the debate between them exposed multiple areas of contention, both personal and public. Sir Mick started his arguments railing against the concept of “Fortress Senate” and the perception that the Senäts had been blocking legislation by stating “the Senate is the guardian against poorly written and poorly thought out bills.” S:reu da Lhiun responded in his opening statement that he was disappointed that his much debated bill revising the Covenants of Rights and Freedoms failed in the Senäts to which he reiterated his stance on the revisions in his next statement as the most important issue he would be fighting for if elected. He stated that he sees “a huge, leaking gap” in the Organic Law when it comes to “tourists” as well as labour laws in the Regipäts. Sir Mick used his reply to pounce on S:reu da Lhiun and state his vehement opposition to modifying the Organic Law in stating, “if a person wants to have the same protections as citizens of the Kingdom, then they should become a citizen.” S:reu da Lhiun accused Sir Mick of wanting to “quash like ants” visitors to the Kingdom and stated that we should “deprive the inactive citizens of those rights.” Sir Mick angrily replied without prompting, challenging his opponent provide evidence that even one person has been harmed by not being covered under the Covenants. The debate on this topic raged back and forth with both opponents raising hypothetical crimes and asking if laws should be modified to include those as well.

Moving on to the next topic, Sir Alexandreu prompted Sir Mick to discuss the issue of immigration. Sir Mick bemoaned the current level of activity of the TALOSSAsisstant program and encouraged all citizens to engage the prospectives. S:reu da Lhiun replied, bemoaning what he termed citizens being too “inflationary” with citizenship petitions without examining whether the prospective has truly shown a level of engagement and interest and calling these petitions “a foolish gesture." He proposed a legislative solution to the issue could be achieved.

The Maritiimi-Maxhestic debates wrapped up with Sir Mick questioning the credentials of S:reu da Lhiun and his attempts at passing legislation to honor Edward Snowden with first a peerage and then revising without debate in the Clark to the Senatorial Medal of Honor. S:reu da Lhiun angrily replied several days later “it is well within my rights to submit to the Secretary of State a bill that is different than the one in the Hopper.” After Sir Mick accused his opponent of “a midnight raid” on the Clark and stating his uncertainty to the Attorney Generals knowledge of the laws the debate
ended with a whimper and short closing responses from both candidates.
Overall, the debates were a raging success and exposed the candidates in both provinces to stirring questions and introspection as well as providing the citizens of the provinces with ample understanding of exactly for whom they would be voting.


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