Sir Mick Preston, UrN is the incumbent in the Maritiimi-Maxhestic Senatorial race. A longtime supporter of the RUMP and the Mençei of the Senate for two successive Cosas, he has been known for his engagement with the voters of his province. Years ago, before he took office, he organized the first Senatorial debate in Talossa, and he has taken care to regularly consult with the citizens of his province during Clarks to find out their opinion and their preferences. He was knighted by the King in 2010 for his long service as Secretary of State for the nation.

MC Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun is the current Attorney-General for the nation and a Deputy Minister of Culture, standing for the MRPT in the last election as a Member of Cosa and showing himself integral in developing recent legislation. Despite his relatively recent immigration to Talossa, he has already proven himself to be a serious contributor in ways both legal and cultural. He advocates for the inclusion of mutations in Talossan and for its regular use, and has worked to carry out the MRPT program diligently.


Sir Trotxâ Betiñéir, UrN, is the incumbent in the Vuode Senatorial race and a long-standing Senator and supporter of the RUMP. He was central in establishing the practices of the modern College of Arms and founded the Zuoaves of the Royal Bodyguard during his time working in the Ministry of Defence (which he also helped shape). 
Sir Trotxâ has been forthright in his belief that the Senate is a place for careful consideration of prospective laws, and is not hesitant about opposing bills that he finds wanting. He was knighted by the King in 2006.

S:reu Éovart Grischun has long been associated with the progressive movement in Talossa, working with and even leading various incarnations of the Progressive Party (newly registered and again contesting the election). While not able to participate much in recent time, he has once again returned to politics, a realm of endeavour where he has already enjoyed considerable success. He helped rewrite much of the language in the Covenant of Rights and Freedoms in the Organic Law, and authored important privacy legislation and shepherded it through the Ziu.


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