The Greater Talossan Area’s leading Cestour newspaper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, has long been involved in more than just the newspaper business. The Milwaukee Journal (predecessor to the Journal Sentinel) launched radio station WTMJ-AM in 1 927, and television station WTMJ-TV in 1 947 (the “TMJ” in each station’s call sign stands for “The Milwaukee Journal”). These stations are still owned by the Journal Sentinel’s parent company, Journal Communications, Inc., which also owns dozens of other television and radio stations and local papers across the country.
Last month, Journal Communications and the E. W. Scripps Company of Cincinnati, Ohio agreed to a merger and reorganization that will split up the Milwaukee media giant. The E. W. Scripps Company similarly operates dozens of newspapers and television and radio stations. Under the merger plan, all of the newspapers operated by both companies will be consolidated into one company, the Journal Media Group, based in Milwaukee, with the Journal Sentinel as its flagship publication. All of the broadcasts stations operated by both companies will be consolidated under the E. W. Scripps Company in Cincinnati.
What does this mean for the GTA? On the positive side, it likely means that the Journal Media headquarters in Milwaukee will be a larger company with more employees. But Scripps shareholders will have a controlling interest in the new company, meaning the Journal Sentinel will no longer be locally controlled. Critics of the deal also fear that any staff increases in Milwaukee will be dedicated to managing the nationwide portfolio of papers, while the local reporting staff will continue to see cutbacks.


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