I am happy to be the newest columnist of Beric'ht Talosssan. You may recognize my name as the current Secretary of State of the Kingdom of Talossa, but it is not in this official capacity that I am writing.

Instead, I am writing in a personal capacity even if from time to time, my opinion will refer to my position as head of the Chancery.  I know, it might become complicated, but it’s not the first time I’ve been in this position…

In the Republic of Talossa, I was both journalist, being a columnist of Qator Itrins and the editor of Talossa Weekly, and the first Secretary of State.  But the Republic was a very different country than the Kingdom is, or ever was…
What I always loved about the Kingdom was the fact that it was a very cosmopolitan country. You can find pure-monarchists and republicans, liberals and conservatives, atheists and Christians, derivatists and peculiarists, and so on…

By the process of its birth, the Republic, being unified under a single cause was, while I was active in it, more uniform but I was happy to see it slowly diversify as it began to forge its own identity rather than just being anti-Kingdom…

I am not here to talk about the Republic, but rather, about the new Kingdom, post-reunison.  And let me tell you one thing, it’s not pretty. I don’t feel good vibe I used to feel in my first life as a Talossan.

But not all is lost… There is hope and honestly, I see Beric’ht as one of the greatest things in Talossa right now.
As such, in the next few issues, let me be your grumpy columnist and show you the error of your ways as an old patriarch telling kids to stay off his lawn.

No, seriously, things aren’t that bad in the Kingdom compared to 11 years ago. We have a mostly absent King, a major step-up from a malevolent one, we had a change of party in power, a major improvement from the old days of pocket votes and we have a much more civil Wittenberg.
We also have more political parties in recent years than ever in the past, and more regularly minority governments than in the pre-Republic era.

To me, that’s a very good sign and it makes me hopeful that perhaps things are indeed looking up!
Over the next few issues, I hope to present to you my vision of what Talossa should be, because on Wittenberg, my pleas have been lost to the sea, so stay tuned


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