It is election season once again in the Kingdom of Talossa. Beric'ht Talossan is providing a Q&A for voters to help them cast their ballots and understand the intricacies of elections in Talossa.

Question: Why is the election happening now?
Answer: Many citizens who are not very active in Wittenberg may be unaware that an election is occurring as it is, technically, a month earlier than scheduled. In the fifth Clark of the 46th Cosa, the government failed the Vote of Confidence when Alèxandreu Soleighlfred (MRPT) forgot to vote and therefore, the King dissolved the Cosa and called for elections.

Question: How long is election season in Talossa?
Answer: The elections run for two weeks, starting on August 1 5, 201 4 and ending at 7:30 PM TST (Talossan Standard Time) on September 1, 201 4. Prior to the 46th Cosa elections, voting on an election was allotted for an entire month, which gave many citizens an opportunity to vote or, if they forgot to vote, time to get their votes submitted. Since the 46th Cosa, citizens have only two weeks from the start of the election to cast their ballots.

Question: How do I cast my vote?
Answer: Voting is available through four methods: private voting on the Talossan database administered by the Chancery; voting publicly on Wittenberg at the public voting thread; and voting by replying to the email that citizens receive from the Chancery; and voting by mailing their ballot to the Secretary of State (see below for specific voting information).

Question: What am I being asked to vote on?
Answer: Each citizen is asked to vote for a party to represent them in the Cosa, any Organic Law referendums that were passed during the prior Cosa, and Senator of their respective provinces (if theirs is up for election or re-election). Specifically, there are seven registered parties for this election (listed in alphabetical order): the Liberal Congress (LIB), the Moderate Radical Party of Talossa (MRPT), the Patriotic Coalition (PC), the Progressive Party (PP), Rexhalistaes Unificheschtipr'iensa Monarc'ha Petrechind (RUMP), The Talossan Workers Party (TWP), and Defenders of Talossan Republicanism (ZRT) The provinces of Benito, Fiôvâ, Vuode, and Maritiimi-Maxhestic have senators up for re-election. With the exception of Fiôvâ, voters in those provinces may vote for their choice of Senator on the national ballot. Fiôvâ conducts its own senatorial elections and voters in that province should look for more information from their provincial chancery. Additionally, citizens are asked to vote Për (yes) or Contrâ (no) on a referendum entitled The Organic Law Amendment (Citizenship (Baseball Is Not The Only Sport)) Bill.

Question: What is the secret ballot?
Answer: The election for the 46th Cosa was the first where an optional secret ballot was introduced and was also the first election conducted by the current Secretary of State, Marti-Pair Furxheir. Voters may choose to vote publicly via Wittenberg or they may choose to vote privately with the Chancery (see below). All votes are validated by an Election Committee consisting of the Secretary of State and the Justices of the Uppermost Court. It’s important to understand that any votes that are marked as secret contain no identifying information as to who cast the vote (that is why each ballot submitted in private must contain the individual voters PSC which assigns a random key to each vote to enable it to be verifiable but not identify the voter).

Question: I can’t find my ballot, what do I do?
Answer: Any voter who is unable to locate their ballot in their email or spam folders should send an email to SoS@talossa.ca or post a comment on Wittenberg .

Question: What are the specific methods of voting open to me and which ones can be secret?
Answer: Each method of voting is listed here for you.

Method 1: Publicly vote on Wittenberg
Method 2: Vote secretly as a reply to the official Voting email from the Chancery
Method 3: Use the Talossan Database to vote. You will need the email you receive from the Chancery which contains your PSC.
Method 4: Mail your secret ballot (simply print a copy of the email and put it in the mail) to this address:

Talossa Chancery
PO BOX #25267
Montreal, QC, Canada

If there are other questions, please keep checking Wittenberg as there may be others with your questions as well!


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