The end of the July Clark rocked the nation this past month, as a Talossan government lost the Cosa's vote of confidence for the first time in many years. For almost all Members of Cosa, it was a new experience to watch a government fall, and the revelation was met with shock and excitement.

The governing coalition of MRPT and ZRT, supporting by the few seats of the LibCon, had always had only a slim majority in the Cosa. The combined force of the three parties together represented only 1 04 votes, ensuring that if almost any single Member ofCosa failed to vote, their majority was at risk. The danger developed over the course of the Government's term, as opposition MCs began voting against confidence in increasing numbers. What began as a perfect gesture of support for the new government in February, unanimously affirming their confidence in the mandate of the people, soon began to sink as initial missteps turned, in the RUMP's view, into inaction and serious mistakes. By the third Clark, 84 seats opposed the Government, and the fourth Clark had an opposition that was unanimous in its opposition.

As the fifth Clark neared its end, and two coalition MCs had still not turned in their votes, the opposition's hopes began to rise. By the day before the end of voting, neither Alèxandreu Soleiglhfred nor Gödafrïeu Válcadác'h had had voted, and victory seemed assured. Their combined 29 seats represented almost a third of the coalition force, and without them, the Government would certainly fall to the united RUMP nons.

It was with a sinking heart that RUMP MCs saw Válcadác'h turn in his vote, however. It appeared to everyone that MRPT MC Soleiglhfred, a prominent member of a party that had taken outspoken pride in their perfect record of voting, would certainly come through in the end. Seneschal and MRPT leader Glüc da Dhi was absent on vacation, but this matter of principle would surely not permit his party to fail. To the shock of the coalition and opposition alike, however, Soleiglhfred failed to submit his vote before the 7:30 TST deadline. The vote of confidence failed, the Cosa was dissolved by His Majesty, and the Government fell.

Within a few minutes of the deadline, Senator Preston asked for a careful recount of the votes and a confirmation of the results. "This is the first time I've seen a VoC fail, so I ask that we take our time to make sure everything is correct," he said. The Secretary of State, Marti-Pair Furxheir, and his office soon confirmed that they had gone through their records and could assure the nation that they had not received a vote from It was a sad homecoming for Seneschal Da Dhi, who returned to Wittenberg shortly afterward to discover that his Government had ended prematurely. In a thread titled, "It's good to be back... oh wait," the Seneschal expressed his disappointment. "All major parties have missed multiple votes before, but we did so at the worst possible timing," he said.

Blame and discord began almost immediately, as the Seneschal unhappily noted that, in his absence, the Government had also failed to answer a Cosa Terpelaziun for the first time. ZRT leader Dame Miestra Schivâ, for her part, engaged with the Seneschal publicly in an exchange that involved multiple members of the coalition discussing failures ranging from inactivity to poor decision-making. The Secretary of State has already begun preparing for the election, which will be conducted from the fifteen to the end of the month. It will be the first election conducted under the modifications to the Three-Strikes Law; for the first time, citizens who fail to vote will not be subject to any penalties (as long as they respond to a future census instead. It is unknown if this will lead to significantly lower turn-out than in past years. Caught by surprise, the political parties of Talossa have struggled to catch up and ready themselves for campaigning.

The RUMP, ZRT, and the new Progressive Party were the only parties, at press time, that had released their platforms and policy positions. The MRPT is reportedly working on their own, while the status of any platforms for the new Talossan Worker's Party and the Patriotic Coalition is


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