Membreu dal Cosa C. Carlüs Xheraltescù submitted a nomination of Txosue Roibeardescu for the Commissioner of the Civil Service yesterday on behalf of the Cosa's Civil Service Committee, co-sponsored by fellow committee member MC Txec dal Nordselva.  The nomination represents the first concrete step to establishing a functioning civil service since it was established in May of 2013/XXXIV.  It is a distinct victory for MC Xheraltescù, who conceived of the civil service and championed the idea through to its realization in law.

Roibeardescu was the only applicant for the position other than MC Xheraltescù himself.  The powerful Royal Household office will have sole authority to appoint and remove civil servants working in any branch of the government, although they can appeal their removal to the corts if unlawful, and will be able to write the entirety of the rules regulating their behavior, subject only to a confirmation vote by the Cosa's Civil Service Committee.  Remarkably, the Seneschal and Cabinet Ministers will have no authority whatsoever over any civil servant unless the Commissioner or Committee grant them that power, and yet can be assigned all "day-to-day" work and any other duty.  If confirmed, Txosue Roibeardescu  would be instantly catapulted to one of the most powerful positions in the country.

When asked why no other members of the Civil Service Committee sponsored the legislation, MC Xheraltescù said that the whole committee had agreed on the choice, but indicated that he was unhappy with the level of engagement by the other members besides himself and MC Nordselva, saying, "A number of them could do with a quick slap on their wrists by their respective political parties for their activity."  He specifically identified ZRT member Gödafrïeu Válcadác'h as "one of [the inactive members], but declined to name the others.  Regardless of participation by the full committee, MC Xheraltescù assured Beric'ht that the participating Civil Service Committee scrutinized Roibeardescu thoroughly, even conducting a Skype interview.


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