The Ministrà dal Finançù has announced the discovery of approximately ℓ340.00  ($510.00) in previously misplaced revenues, dramatically expanding our nation's coffers. In a multi-month investigation, Ministreu dal Finançù Owen Edwards determined that the funds in question were absent from Talossa's official account. With the aide of Burgermeisters past and present, M. Edwards traced the missing funds to Talossa's previous account. His investigation revealed that upon closing that account, then-Burgermeister Baron Fritz von Buchholtz provided the King with a check made out to the Kingdom itself, which had remained uncashed. Once the check was located, the King surmounted the usual skepticism of our American neighbors' financial institutions, and was successful in cashing the check.

While commenters expressed pleasant surprise at this discovery, and praised the efforts of Ministreu Edwards, the fact that these funds were misplaced at all raised some concern. Distain Miestrâ Schivâ called the discovery "a further sign that we need more professionalism and less 'trusting old buddies' in State administration," while Eiric S. Bornatfiglheu noted that donations made through our nation's website go directly to the King.
No legislative reforms to the Kingdom's financial system have yet been proposed, nor have any plans to utilize the Kingdom's newfound resources. But with nearly ℓ1,130.00 ($1,695.00) in available funds, and with newfound recognition from the American banking sector, our Kingdom is well placed to face the financial demands of the future. 


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