El Tamlált Talossán is the latest piece of media to enter the Talossan reporting scene, with editor M.T. Patritz da Biondeu aiming to launch a newspaper to focus on topics beyond politics: fashion, horoscopes, cultural events, and foreign politics.  "A lot of people have said that Talossa is too political," Biondeu says, "without too much meat elsewhere."  Any political reporting or commentary, he says, "will be very straightforward in nature - i.e. a law was passed, etc."

In short order, Biondeu acquired the talents of former Beric'ht Talossan contributor and Ministreu del Estericour C. Carlüs Xheraltescù, who has declined to contribute to Tamlált but has accepted a position as the paper's owner.  Ministreu à STUFF Sevastáin Pinátsch has also volunteered for the paper as its webmaster.  There are not yet any confirmed contributors or writers for the paper, although Distain Dame Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN has offered to write a short column and Biondeu has stated that there are other Talossans who have expressed an interest in contributing.

"I am actually excited about this newspaper because, as much trash as I can talk, I hate arguing." Biondeu has said of the paper's non-political purpose. "This will give me the opportunity to do something fun, and still very Talossan."  He might meet some disagreement on this decision, however, as owner Xheraltescù has stated that he hopes the paper will take a "progressive view of the world" with specifically progressive politics.  When asked about the seeming conflict in purpose between a carefully non-political newspaper and one with "progressive columns," Xheraltescù replied, "Any disagreement which might arise can be resolved easily enough, I'm sure. Ultimately, I trust [Biondeu]'s decision to include whatever he thinks appropriate."

The paper's first issue is scheduled for the end of the month, although there are many unanswered questions about what form it will take.  One intriguing aspect is that it appears the paper will be heavily influenced by Classical Talossan.  Not only does the paper's title indicate an embrace of the older dialect of el glheþ, but Dame Miestrâ is the country's most prominent - perhaps the only - proponent of the pre-Aresteda version of the language.  Biondeu has stated that the paper will not officially endorse Classical Talossan, however, and that the paper will be open to submissions in contemporary Talossan as well.

The paper's name, Tamlált, is a pun upon the word "gazette."  It means "gazelle," which appears to be the paper's mascot and masthead.

The paper's website is available at http://talossan.ca/ett 


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