A community effort at storytelling is unfolding on Wittenberg, thanks to Óïn Ursüm, who has seen great success with his "three word story."  Each successive participant adds three more words to a story that began with Ursüm's "Yesterday evening, I."  Numerous Talossans have chimed in with their own three words, unfolding a story that has ranged from the magical to the downright nonsensical. 

 Asked about what gave him the idea, Ursüm said, "I've seen similar things done on other forums (among many other such diversions) and thought it would be fun and interesting to try it here! A few years ago I tried a 'haiku conversation' thread, but it wasn't anywhere near as popular. It's certainly kept going for longer than I thought it would. Maybe, given that most Talossans have several commitments, this 'distributed model' is the best way of producing national literature! I look forward to someone trying to do a serious literary analysis of the mysterious output of the thread."

Three Word Story

Yesterday evening, I observed a bush and saw a really big frog. It hopped toward the aforementioned bush, began to talk to the pavement, began to sing (out of tune),"Stairway to Heaven,” the version with the bagpipe solo.  After it ended something came out.  What came out frightened everyone; the of the frog's flaming heart's jealous frog’s ex-wife. (The previous sentence made no sense).

Once there was overall a smell that seemed off, kind of like milk, around town. The big green frog was feeling sad about the fly it ate yesterday.  Fortunately, a white unicorn decided to give the frog a magic bean to dominate the skies. The frog looks up, confused, wondering what he should do next.  After another few moments, he hopped away towards his home to sleep.  When he awoke he saw that the bean glowed devilishly pink! The room was illuminated, yet George (the imprudent motorcyclist) couldn't start the engine.  "Well blast it!  How am I to go to the circus now?!" 

Then a loud trumpeting was heard. A dozen of the strangest little creatures known to any other known creature stampeded toward the terrified frog.  With a croak, the frog declared,  "That's it!" and set off on a frustrated adventure that was already taken by his growing sense of amusement of the futility of it.  His world domination was hindered by a mound of Christmas debris on the North Pole toy hovering off the corpse of santa, listening to Beric'ht rant about how the anthem wasn't one blatherskite assumed that I was singing. 


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