The Liberal Congress and the Zefençedeirs dal Republicanismeu Talossán (ZRT) agreed this past week on a political alliance, to be known as the Free Democratic Alliance (FDA or FreeDems).  The agreement between the two parties passed unanimously, uniting the members of both parties behind a shared statement of principles and platform which borrows language from the platforms of both individual parties.  While the two parties still retain their individual identity at the moment, the constitution of the FDA also commits both parties to a vote on whether to formally merge into a single FDA party within three months of the upcoming general election.  Membreu dal Cosa C. Carlüs Xheraltescù, leader of the Liberal Congress, will be the head of the FDA, as the chief of a four-person executive team.

The vote to establish the FDA was unanimous in both parties, and the move seems to be well-received.  LibCon member Françal Ian Lux said, for example, “Alliance leadership has been established, party members are satisfied, the agenda is set, the alliance is as strong as we hoped it would be!”  ZRT member GV likewise commented to Beric’ht that he “loved the manifesto,” as well as the new FDA constitution.

The Liberal Congress is “agnostic” on the subject of the monarchy, famously declining to either support or oppose the institution.  The FDA has adopted this same position, but new FDA leader Xheraltescù denied to Beric’ht that this was the end of Talossan Republicanism, calling it an “evolution of the movement” instead.  “I think the ZRT leadership has seen that party-based republican politics just isn't attracting new blood.”
“I look forward,” Xheraltescù said at the announcement, “to continuing the work I have started there with the additional support of some newly minted Free Democrat MCs after the election. I dare say more info to follow!”


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