The political convention of the RUMP has started in Florencia, Last week, following the recently held conventions of the Liberal Congress and the ZRT. The convention is chaired by relatively new citizen Tráveç Dun and came as a surprise to some as the RUMP has not organized such a public convention in recent years and the convention had not been announced in advance.

The RUMP members were welcomed in Florencia by Florencian Senator Pôl d'Aurìbuérg and Cunstaval Dame Litz Cjantscheir, UrN, both RUMP members themselves. 

The convention immediately started with more big news, as the party members approved the new RUMP constitution, the Fundament, proposed by Maricopan Senator Sir Iustì Carlüs Canun, UrGP. Provisions of the Fundament include a regular RUMP convention (once per election cycle), a yearly election of a party leader (titled Grand High Poohbah), who is responsible for composing the party platform with input from the Mysterious Executive Coven and other RUMP members, and a secret codicil that is only accessible to RUMP members. This is  clear change from the past, in which the RUMP, along with the Progressive Party, was one of the few major parties not to be governed by some sort of public statutes.

The rest of the convention did not bring major news. Current party leader and MC Sir Alexandreu Davinescu was unanimously re-elected Grand High Poohbah without opposition after being nominated by Senator Canun. MC Davinescu gave a speech, in which he looked back at the situation of the party two years ago, when the party had internal discussions about whether it should continue as a party. Then, he had made a statement noting two of the RUMPs ideological stances, derivatism and monarchism, as a reason for him to continue support the RUMP. In his speech he mentioned that “I still believe every word of that.” MC Davinescu also accused other parties of not always having the courage to ask important questions ("[W]hat will this cost us? where will this lead us? how will this work?”) and even of being “malicious," saying that “make no mistake, we will endure abuse.” The last accusation seems directed at ZRT leader and Fiôvân Senator Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN, whom he has in recent days repeatedly accused of bullying him.

After his speech, MC Davinescu revealed the RUMP platform for the upcoming elections, which is currently being voted on by the RUMP convention. The platform contains a long list of past successes and legislation by the RUMP and some new priorities for the next term, including issuing ID cards, reopening Talossaware and promoting the sale of stamps. The platform sparked some debate in the shoutbox on witt as some members of other parties were critical of the use of the word boldness as a description of the RUMP and the list of past successes, saying that the RUMP has not been very bold in the past and was claiming credit for the execution of the ideas of other parties. Sir Davinescu responded to this criticism by pointing out more past achievements of the RUMP and noting that while others may have suggested things like a legal code, it was a RUMP member who actually wrote the Lexhatx. 

The RUMP convention is still going on in Florencia as of press time.  The platform seems likely to be approved by the convention with a comfortable margin.


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