Milwaukee-area food blogger Lacey Muszynski recently posted an article on the “15 Most Essential Restaurants in Milwaukee” on Thrillist.com. However, three of the restaurants on her list are technically not in Milwaukee, but in the Kingdom of Talossa.

One of these is Pizza Man, the famous Talossan pizza restaurant which was destroyed in the same 2010 fire that claimed Grecian Delight and, as previously reported in BT, reopened in 2013 in a new location in Vuode Province just south of the University of Talossa (UWM) campus.  Moving south, the next Talossan restaurant on Muszynski's list is Ardent, at the southern tip of Florencia Province.  This trendy restaurant serves progressive American cuisine, and after 11pm turns into Red Light Ramen, a high-end ramen shop.  Last is Sanford in Maricopa Province.  One of the most critically-acclaimed restaurants in the GTA, Sanford was established by Sandy D'Amato in 1989, in the same building where his father and grandfather had operated a grocery store for nearly 80 years.  D'Amato cooked for Julia Child and the Dalai Lama before selling the restaurant to his chef de cuisine in 2012.

Another notable Talossan restaurant not on Muszynski's list is the Safe House, which you can find in a nondescript building tucked in an alley off East Wells Street in Fiova Province.  But you won't find the restaurant by looking for its name on a sign; the only sign bears the name of its front organisation, “International Exports, Ltd., Estab. 1868”.  That's because the Safe House, actually established in 1966, works hard to stay in character as a spy-themed restaurant full of cloak-and-dagger memorabilia.  There's even a secret escape route through a neighboring bar under the same ownership.  At the Safe House, martinis always come shaken, not stirred.


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