Ministreu à Sanavarh da Talossa àls Ultra-Fiovaes Folas Sevastáin Pinátsch has opened the new Talossan web portal,www.talossa.com, to the public. The portal will replace the now heavily outdated kingdomoftalossa.net.  Since the beginning of his term, the ministry has released a number of reports regarding the status of the website, including requests for volunteers to help with the content of the site. This generated not much response however. According to M. Pinátsch one of the reasons for opening the portal is that he hopes “that the opportunity to interact with the content will spur some additional contributions.”
The creation of the portal is not a new project. As early as 2012, the RUMP party, which was then in government, promised in its manifesto “that the Ministry of Stuff will produce a new Web presence for the Kingdom, one of immense beauty and structure, one that our great nation can build around and upon, and one that encourages creative Talossanity.” This was shortly after the creation of the Talossa wiki, which was released in July 2012 by then Seneschal Litz Cjantscheir. Later that year, it was announced in response to a terpelaziun that the government would no longer be updating the already outdated Kingdomoftalossa.net. Since then, creating has been on the agenda of a number of governments, but until the formation of the current four party coalition without any result.

According to the last information by M. Pinátsch, eighty-one pages have been transferred over, and only ten by volunteers outside the Ministrà. The rest of the work has been done by the ministry itself. The project has not been completed yet. Among other things,kingdomoftalossa.net is still being used for immigration, with the new portal containing a link to that page.
Immediately after the release of the portal, Sir Alexandreu Davinescu, editor of this newspaper, criticized the decision by the Ministry to include a news sidebar linking to the Talossan Media Aggregator, owned by the Talossan Press Association, of which S:reu Pinátsch is the chairman, which according to him unfairly favours blogs, such as ETT, over periodical newspapers like Beric’ht.  M. Pinátsch noted that the TMA uses content from Beric’ht as well and stated that “The choice of the TMA as a feed source is entirely due to the lack of a compelling alternative.”  Sir Alexandreu has suggested to replace the current newsfeed with a curated selection of articles from both Beric’ht and ETT. It is unclear yet how the current argument will be resolved.


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