More than an election…
I looked out this morning and the Cosa was gone
Turned on some music to start the day
I lost myself in a familiar song
I closed my eyes and I coded away…
The tide is turning. The Kingdom of Talossa of which you are a citizen is changing and to me, it’s as clear as the sun in the summer sky that it’s a very good thing.
The Organic law is a living document: almost during every election, a few referendums update it to adapt it to the new reality of the citizens of Talossa.
The Cosa was once again dissolved by the King and we are heading toward the 48th Cosa election, but the 48th Cosa will be like no other before it, save for 3 isolated Clarks, since, with your help, we will have for the first time a truly apolitical -- and yet, law-writing -- Secretary of State.
With 47RZ31, I will be able to continue to propose laws (I have authored or co-sponsored over 30 laws in my legislative history), while remaining a truly impartial Secretary of State and without having to be a member of a political party.
But this isn’t the only proposed change!
If all of the referendums pass, we will have a Speaker in the Cosa, a more efficient electoral commission, a protection to prevent a person from controlling two provinces, a drop-down box for electing your senator, the ability to cast a senator vote after your Cosa vote should you forget to vote, a more logical deadline for election rules, a clearer political party registration rule, multiple clean-ups of the organic law a more efficient judiciary, less dictatorial Prime Dictates and a cleaner way for former citizens to return to the Kingdom.  This last one is great because sadly, so many people have come and gone in Talossa.
All in all, that’s a lot accomplished in a single Cosa, isn’t it?
You see, there are 12 referendums this Cosa, TWELVE. And don’t blame me personally, I only sponsored or co-sponsored 7 of them.
Fortunately, for the first time, you will not have to vote blindly on those referendums. A new law I authored, 47RZ19, "The Election Ballot Act, Strike 2," will allow political parties who took part in the debate over those referendum to publish a 50 word essay in favor or against each referendum to help you make up your mind, just like they can endorse candidates for the Senate elections.
Of course, many of the improvements to the way elections are run will only take effect, if ratified by the population, for the 49th Cosa. But I have a good feeling that we are on the right track toward a more open, clear and transparent democracy.
In fact, it’s more than a feeling…


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