Milwaukee Shines, a City of Milwaukee program established to expand the use of solar power in Milwaukee, has launched a new outreach campaign in Talossa.  The new campaign, called “Solar East Side”, aims to educate Cestours about the benefits of solar power, make solar power more affordable through a group purchase program, and offer an expedited installation permit process from the city.  

The group purchase program lets home and business owners in the same neighborhood team up to buy solar power systems at volume discounts.  The typical home system provides around 3 kilowatts of power at peak production, and Solar East Side's partners offer a bulk discount if a group project totals at least 50 kilowatts, and bigger discount if the group project reaches 100 kilowatts, Previous outreach campaigns in the Washington Heights, Bay View and Riverwest neighborhoods of Milwaukee resulted in 68 homeowners installing almost 240 kilowatts of solar power systems.
Solar East Side held an information session for interested Cestours on Prospect Avenue in Florencia Province on the 21st.  Another session will be held tomorrow evening at the Urban Ecology Center in Benito Province.  Five additional sessions are scheduled in Florencia and Benito through 9 July.


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