The 47th Cosa has formally concluded with the king's Writ of Dissolution and it brings with it a large body of bills that were sent to the Ziu for consideration during what most could claim was a very busy legislative season. In total, forty-six bills (including eleven referendums) were presented during the six Clarks. Here is a breakdown of the major bills:

• 1st Clark: RZ2 - The Move Like Jagger Act modified the laws on catchment and provincial assignment.
• 2nd Clark: RZ7 - The 47th Cosa Budget Act which can be seen by many as a formality in the era of growing budget balances and fewer actual expenditures. RZ8 - The Great Reform (No. 1: Interior Ministry) Bill which consolidated the ministries of defense and immigration as well as consolidating the bureaus of Home Affairs and Cestour Affairs into a unfied Ministry of the Interior.
• 3rd Clark: RZ13 - The Great Reform (No 2: Finance) Bill which was a major revision of the Ministry of Finance and changed the selection method of the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue to be appointed the same way as the Secretary of State.
• 4th Clark: RZ15 - The Communications Privacy Act was the only non-appointment bill that passed during this cycle. The bill changed the communications issuing from the Royal Household (more specifically the Chancery) to allow citizens to opt out of certain communications during the election cycle.
• 5th Clark: RZ22 - The Decoupling the Public and Private Witts Act created a government and Royal Household controlled version of Wittenberg under the name Telecomuna for official governmental, household, and provincial affairs while maintaining a private version of Wittenberg still under control of the King.  The 5th Clark also saw RZ26 - Nomination of the Commissioner of the Civil Service in which the long awaited Civil Service Commission recommended to the Ziu the appointment of a new Civil Service Commissioner to oversee the Civil Service.
• 6th Clark: The incredibly active 6th Clark saw major changes to the "Semi-Permeable Wall," the judiciary, and elections. RZ39 - The Judicial Merry-Go-Round Amendment combined with RZ40 - The Clerk of Courts Unclogging Act saw a re-balancing of the Cort pu Inalt to five justices and the abolition of the Magistracy should RZ39 pass the electorate. Should the two bills take effect, the judiciary of the Kingdom will be dramatically different and -- it is hoped -- more streamlined and active (disclosure: the author of this article was the author of both RZ39 and RZ40 and any bias is unintentional). RZ42 - The Afaes Utphätseschti Act (+ Sense of the Ziu.) effectively tore down the often lamented -- or lauded (depending on one's political philosophy) -- "Semi-Permeable Wall," while still maintaining some restrictions on contact with other "micro-national" governments.
Taken all together, the 47th Cosa, which was the second Coalition Government led by all of the non-RUMP parties, was more active than the previous 3 Cosa's and saw major changes in many areas that affect the lives of Talossans. 
Election season is now underway and the Kingdom eagerly awaits what lies ahead in the 48th Cosa.


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