The recent founding of the Talossan Socialist Party (TSP) made waves throughout the Kingdom when it was announced on Wittenberg just a few weeks ago. Among several questions that were asked of its founders, recent citizens Galen Zavala-Sherby and Daniel Candee, many were regarding what some felt was a lack of any socialism characteristics in their otherwise broad and agreeable platform. Zavala-Sherby responded to this initial line of questioning, noting that because Talossa was such a small nation and its funds were limited, the TSP would be content with pushing for a King with reduced power and strong democratic traditions, rather than for "socialist private services."
Expressing further criticism, several prominent Talossans also pointed out the striking similarity of the TSP's platform to that of the Free Democratic Alliance, a point which the two founders of the Talossan Socialist Party recognize. "Originally the TSP was designed to make a more radical wing of the liberal parties," Galen Zavala-Sherby replied in an exclusive interview obtained by Berich't, "we didn't think the FreeDems (previously the ZRT and LibCon) were doing enough in the respect of instituting direct democracy and limiting the power of the monarchy." He went on to add that he does expect his party to work with the FreeDems closely, as well as with the other parties in a bipartisan manner as necessary. 
When pushed about their views on taxation, something that they referenced on Wittenberg as being a main reason Talossa wouldn't have enough revenue to implement any socialist programs, they were again hesitant to come out in complete support for taxes (perhaps because, as they also noted previously, they feel that the public would be against any kind of taxation, forced or voluntary), saying that "honestly it all depends on what the revenue being taken was used for." Co-founder Daniel Candee made reference to a few appropriate uses of such revenue, including "spreading Talossan culture" as well as for membership drives, but also noted that  before any taxation proposals would have the support of the TSP, an exact budget would have to be prepared to show why it was necessary.
On the subject of the monarchy, Candee responded that his party's views on the King are "quite simple". While the TSP believes the King should remain the "head of our hearts", he should not have any power whatsoever in, or be the head of, government. "It is an affront to democracy everywhere when a man who is not elected is able to ignore the needs and wants of a representative assembly," noted Candee, referencing the King's ability to veto bills passed by the Ziu, "This power should be transferred to the Seneschal; other measures to limit the power of the King can be debated at a later date." 
With regards to their views on direct democracy and the size of the Cosa, Candee explained that the TSP would ideally abolish the Cosa entirely and have instead a "voluntary democratic forum", but because he feels that is unlikely to ever happen, he says that the Cosa in its current form is the closest thing to direct democracy that Talossa will have. His party is against any attempts to reduce the size of the Cosa, because currently, citizens are able to create a new party and take seats in the Cosa if they choose to do so--similar to a direct democracy, he says. Any reduction in size would move the Cosa towards becoming a "real representative system", which would, they believe, "bring with it all the corruption and favoritism that would entail." The TSP would only support a reduction in Cosa size if a democratic forum that carried with it some degree of legislative power was also created.
Finally, Candee once again stressed the differences between his party and the Free Democratic Alliance, again responding that the TSP would only consider joining or merging with the FreeDems if his party grows in size. Joining in its current form, Candee says, "would be pointless as the party being as small as it is would quickly become moderated and absorbed by bigger liberal parties." He says that if his party goes to the Cosa he wants it to be with an ability to create real change, and to join the FDA, he believes the TSP would need at least ten members on its membership rolls to do so. 
But for the moment, Candee says, "At the time of writing the Talossan Socialist Party consists of two teenagers from Kentucky with a love for politics and a lust for power."


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