We are grateful for the contributions of 'Eric S. Mildew' to Beric'ht Talossan over the past year, and believe he has contributed a great deal to our vigorous national discussion, but recent events make it impossible to continue publishing his work in the spirit of amity and trust that are necessary in a thriving organization like Beric'ht Talossan.
After the recent events involving an alleged exchange of cartoons, we thoroughly investigated the matter.  While most aspects of the incident were difficult or impossible to verify, over the course of the investigation it became clear that the necessary relationship between a contributor and publication could not move forward.  This publication holds itself and its contributors accountable.  When things go wrong, we pledge to always investigate and act in this timely fashion, even as we pledge too that we will continue to give our excellent contributors the benefit of the doubt.
We wish "Eric S. Mildew" the best in his future efforts, wherever and whomever he may be.


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