By far, the most surprising result to come out of the recent General Election had to be the astonishing number of votes received by the newcomers on the block, the Talossan Socialist Party. Founded by citizens Galen Zavala-Sherby and Daniel Candee, the party ran on a generally left wing platform, differing from parties like the FreeDems on only a few points, such as being against a reduction in the size of the Cosa. 
Their party was somewhat criticized after it was announced, with many asking why they considered themselves a "socialist" party, when their platform contains nothing unique to socialism. In a previous interview, Galen Zavala-Sherby responded to these concerns, noting that their goal was to create a more radical left wing party, as they felt the current choices in parties weren't "doing enough in the respect of instituting direct democracy and limiting the power of the monarchy." 
Later in the interview, when asked about the possibility of merging with a larger left wing party in the future, founder Daniel Candee noted that they might consider a merger if they were able to reach a benchmark of around 10 or more, but for the moment, "the Talossan Socialist Party consists of two teenagers from Kentucky with a love for politics and a lust for power."
The pair's lust for power was certainly fueled following the announcements of the results for the 48th Cosa Elections, as the newly formed party garnered silent support from eight other voters, putting their total votes at ten--one more than the Progressive Party. As Vit Caçeir commented afterwards, "...was certainly a surprise to see a fresh party overtake the one of the oldest extant parties in the Kingdom."
Although they received ten votes in the election, they seem to be having trouble finding the other eight citizens who voted TSP. A thread posted by Zavala-Sherby over a week ago on Witt asking for Socialist Party Supporters to join together still doesn't have replies.
In addition, despite coming into the upcoming Cosa with a decent amount of seats, the Talossan Socialist Party was not among the parties invited to join the coalition. Commenting on the decision not to invite the Socialists to be part of the coalition government, incoming Seneschal Carlüs Xheraltescu noted, "I don't think they're experienced enough yet," He says he also encouraged Zavala-Sherby to apply for deputy ministerial positions in order to gain experience and become a more likely coalition partner in the future. Just days after Xheraltescu's comments, in fact, Zavala-Sherby was appointed the Ambassador-at-large for Humanitarian Affairs and International Development.  
Given their recent surge into power, the Talossan Socialist Party has proven there is still room for yet another left wing oriented party in the Cosa, showing that it too is a force to be reckoned with, rather than just another single person (or two person) party.


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