Milwaukeeans just across the River from Talossa were shaken this week by reports that a lion may be roaming the streets of the city.  Dozens of people have reported sightings of a large tawny feline in north Milwaukee, including one who captured a grainy cell phone video of the cat near Garfield and Palmer, just a quarter of a mile across the River from Maricopa Province.  On being shown the video, Jill Carnegie, president of an exotic animal sanctuary about an hour from Milwaukee, said she feels confident that it depicts a male cougar.  Carnegie suspects that the animal is an illegal pet that may have escaped from someone's home, as it looks too well-fed to be wild.
The Milwaukee Police Department has warned citizens not to attempt to capture the cat, but to keep their distance and call authorities.  Meanwhile, a North Side man shot a stray dog, mistaking it for the lion.  The dog was injured in the front leg but is in good condition.


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