Membreu dal Cosa Gaglhen Fortaleça of the Talossan Socialist Party proposed a bold new idea this past week when he hoppered a bill that would claim a significant portion of the moon as Talossan territory.  Fortaleça stated that claiming the "Mar da Imbreu" (Mare Imbrium) would be "pretty cool" and "fun," as well as providing a "strategic advantage during World War III."  The claim would constitute more than 2.7% of the total area of the moon, if the proposed amendment passes.
The bill has been greeted with mixed reactions: two senators have stated they are open to the idea or supportive of it (da Lhiun and Grischun), while MC Dama Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN of the FDA, scorned the idea, saying, "every idiot micronation was claiming extraterrestrial bodies back in the late 90's,"  joining MC Sir C. M. Siervicül of the RUMP  who reasoned, "We have no logical or historical ties to the Mare Imbrium."
MC Iason Taiwos went one further in his support of the bill, saying that "everything we do is silly" and that Talossa should invent and claim a series of imaginary islands in the North Atlantic and abandon the current claims to the Greater Talossan Area.  Taiwos was derisive of the GTA, saying, "Milwaukee is probably just another s*****, dreary American city. Seen enough of those. My Talossanity resides in my heart and imagination, not in some s***** geographical location."
To defend his bill, Fortaleça argued that the basic idea is identical to the claiming of Talossa's Antarctic territory, Péngöpäts -- another unpopulated area with which Talossa has no logical connection, and which was open to claims thanks to Talossan nonparticipation in an international treaty.  He also pointed to the "Squirrels in Space Act" from the 38th Cosa, which officially established the Talossan space exploration agency, el Büreu d'Esploraziun Espaçal es Rac'hetría.  Opponents, in turn, pointed out that long tradition now lay behind the claims to Péngöpäts, and that BEER was established expressly to help promote and fundraise for the "Laramie Rose," a Talossan entry for the X Prize Foundation's Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge in 2008/XXIX.
At this time, the eventual fate of the bill is unknown.


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