Ministra dal Cúltura Dama Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN of the FDA announced a new program last week: a "Miss Talossa" beauty pageant that would "be open to all Talossan women and Talossan men and other genders who are keen to dress up in [feminine] clothes and make a spectacle of themselves."  While saying that the traditional beauty pageant swimsuit competition would probably be inappropriate, Dama Miestrâ did suggest that there would be casual-wear, evening-wear and talent competitions.  No further details about the competition have yet been specified, except that Distain Ministreu dal Cúltura  M.T. Patritz da Biondeu has been selected to administer the event.  Da Biondeu was also the only person at this early date to suggest that they wished to participate, although more volunteers are likely to come forward as rules and dates are announced in the future.
This would be the first pageant in Talossan history, though many countries have a long history of pageantry.  The  oldest event is the iconic "Miss America" pageant, on which the "Miss Talossa" event seems to be modeled, as well as the international "Miss World" and "Miss Universe" contests, although none of these events permit contestants of any gender.  The events have come under fire, with the first feminist protest of the "Miss America" pageant occurring in 1968, according to historian Blain Roberts, although much criticism may not apply in this instance.
No date has yet been announced for the event.


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