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Deadlines Are Our God

Newspaper articles should not be coy or surprising.  The first paragraph (the "lede") should give the reader all the most pertinent information: who is doing what, with the added information of when and how and why?  You are writing for a diverse and wide audience, including some who read English as a second language, so while you should feel free to be as in-depth as necessary, err in favor of simplicity.


The language of Beric'ht Talossan is Talossan English.  This is generally an incompetent mix of American and British English, with British spelling strongly preferred ("honour" instead of "honor," "aluminium" instead of "aluminum," etc).

We encourage the use of Talossan where possible and where context clues and similarities make the reporter's intentions clear.  Articles entirely in Talossan must be accompanied by a full translation.

Names and Offices

When first mentioned in an article, individuals should be given their full name, described by office (if applicable), and given any relevant honorifics.  For example:  Membra dal Cosa Ian Eschemplarh, UrN, Cin.

Offices Honourifics
Member of Cosa Membreu/Membra dal Cosa Order of the Nation UrN (Urderi dal Naziun)
Senator Senator Order of the Purple Tongue UrGP (Urðeri dal Glhimba Purpül)
Prime Minister Seneschal Scribe of Abbavilla GdA (Grefieir d'Abbavilla)
Deputy Prime Minister Distain Medal of Cincinnatus Cin.

of Culture
dal Cúltura
of Defense
dal Zefençù
of Finance
dal Finançù
of Foreign Affairs
dels Afaes Utphätseschti
of Home Affairs
dels Afaes Inphätseschti
of Immigration
dal Inmigraziun
of Interior
del Estericour
of Justice
dal Xhusticia (or Avocat Xheneral)
of Stuff
à Sanavarh da Talossa àls Ultra-Fiovaes Folas

Thereafter, individuals should be referenced by their office abbreviation and surname.


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